I'm Garrit, a generalist DevOps Engineer

My interests include...

  • Scalable Infrastructure
  • DevOps Practices
  • Fullstack Development
  • Minimalist Software
  • Free Software

On my blog, I ramble about software and tech-related topics. Check out my todos if you need inspiration for your next project.

I'm always up for a chat. Feel free to reach out, or leave a note in my guestbook!

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Simplifies secure password transmission using local encryption and temporary PGP keys.


An index of open source projects seeking new maintainers.


The Darktheme Club is a collection of accessible web pages from across the Internet.


A Rust crate that seeks to provide a Rust-y representation of QBE IR. It can be used by compilers for code generation.

Antimony Programming language

A bullshit-free programming language that compiles to JavaScript.

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