Updates, November 2020


Hi, I wanted to share some things I'm currently working on. Maybe I'll turn this into a monthly thing, who knows. :)

One major goal I set for myself in the upcoming months is to build a SaaS for freelancers. Some features of this will include handling clients, projects and expenses. A thing I'm struggeling with right now it to find a lightweight way to host it. It is currently deployable through docker containers, but I am not 100% satisfied with my current setup. I will give some updates on this in the future. I aim to release a very early alpha version for free soon, so that some people can stress test it extensively. For now, you can of course self-host it. I really don't want to impose subscription fees for it's users, but I will see how it goes. You can find the source code for it here.

Recently, I increasingly gained interested in the Gemini project. In a nutshell, this is a very minimal alternative to HTTP, with a strong emphasis on simplicity. The maintainers clearly embrace a DIY mindset, which I want to follow. I set myself the rule to only interact with gemini using tools I wrote myself. To achive this, I am currently writing my own Gemini server called "Taurus" to eventually set up my own geminispace. I have not yet looked deeply into building a client, but I might do this once I'm happy with my server. I admit that I'm currently cheating a bit, by testing my server using a browser recommended by the gemini team ;) If you are interested in this project, I highly recommend to check out the gemini specification, and play around with some geminispaces. Maybe you could set up a server for yourself?

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