A list of bugs in MacOS


I've been using MacOS for years, and I was always happy with it. However, it has some really annoying problems that don't seem to get attention by Apple. This is a list of things that personally bother me. I will try to update it whenever I encounter new issues.

  • When plugging in a external monitor, some native Windows can't be used with a mouse anymore. Restart required to fix. (This seems to be fixed)
  • Dash-to-dock sometimes doesn't work for fullscreen-applications.
  • When opening a fullscreen window from the workspace-overview, the dock sometimes stays visible. Has to be manually hovered to hide.
  • When using a chromium-based browser on an external monitor in fullscreen-mode, the menu-bar sometimes doesn't appear when hovered.
  • When switching from the internal to an external monitor, the workspace alignment is not how I left it.

This is post 034 of #100DaysToOffload.

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