What's on my feed? (2022)


RSS is - in my humble opinion - one of the best ways to consume content today. Its only downside is that it's quite difficult to find new interesting feeds. If you're looking for inspiration, here's a list of the RSS-feeds I'm subscribed to as of August, 2022. Some of the entries may intersect with my blogroll.

Let's not keep this one-sided! If you're also using RSS and have a blog, why not publish a list of your favorite feeds?

  • HackerNews (Pretty, RSS) - This one's obvious!
  • Matt Rickard (Pretty, RSS) - Highly interesting posts about software and startups
  • Drew DeVault (Pretty, RSS) - While Drew's opinions are highly controversial, I do think it's valuable to read his posts
  • Wandering Thoughts (Pretty, RSS) - Interesting articles about Linux, SystemD and DevOps
  • Kev Quirk (Pretty, RSS) - Kev's posts are always a fun read!
  • Seth Godin (Pretty, RSS) - I don't actively follow this blog, but it occasionally gives me food for inspiration
  • The New Oil (Pretty, RSS) - Some occasional technology reviews
  • Tiny Projects/Ben Stokes (Pretty, RSS) - Ben doesn't post as much as he used to, but his posts are full of great ideas!
  • Tagesschau (Pretty, RSS) - My source of german news
  • t3n (Pretty, RSS) - Another german news source, focused around technology and NewWork topics. I thought about removing the description though, as the articles are somewhat poorly written. Still looking for alternatives!
  • xkcd (Pretty, RSS) - come on, did you really think I wasn't subscribed to Randall?

Wrote a "What's on my feed?" entry yourself? Let me know, and I'll link it here!

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