Single Page Applications on GitHub Pages


My latest project, is a Single Page Application deployed on GitHub Pages.

GitHub Pages is configured in a way to host static HTML files without any bells and whistles. This means that if you try to fetch a document that's not the index, for example /foo, the server will try to load the file with that name.

By nature, SPAs only consist of a single HTML entry point (index.html in most cases). It's responsible for routing the user to the correct page if there are multiple paths. And here's the crux: if the user tries to load /foo, he will not land at the SPA entry point. Instead, he will see a 404 error.

The solution

A 404 response will automatically return a file called 404.html, which we can use to our advantage. After building the application, simply copy the index.html to 404.html, as demonstrated by this commit. This will use index.html to serve the application on the root level, and 404.html to load the same app if the page doesn't exist as a file. Whether the index.html is needed if there's already a 404.html is up to you. I left it in to make clear that this is just a workaround.

This is a well known workaround, but I wanted to bring some extra awareness to it, since it's a problem I ran into a couple of times so far. Happy SPAing!

This is post 069 (nice) of #100DaysToOffload.

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