Formula E is essentially Mario Kart


I never actively watched a Formula E race, let alone Formula 1. Racing just isn't on my radar. However, I just came across this video about the driving style in Formula E races, and I was instantly hooked. Formula E is basically Mario Kart.

In a race, drivers can enter a so called "attack mode", in which they can leave the optimal route in a turn to activate a significant power burst for a short while.


Sound familiar? You bet!


Additionally, drivers have the strategic option to "hyperboost" for some time. During a race, the drivers have to balance speed and efficiency. If your battery is empty, you're out of the race. The cars usually don't drive with full power to conserve energy, until the "hyperboost" is activated. So thinking about when to overtake a car plays a huge strategic role. Does that ring a bell?


Formula 1 cars generate a lot of data which is analyzed by the pit to predict tire wear, fuel usage, weather conditions and so on. In Formula E, no data is streamed to the pit at all. It's entirely up to the skill of the driver to make decisions. Again, just like in Mario Kart.

Although I have no stakes in car races whatsoever, I was blown away by this video about Formula E. If you liked this post, I suggest you watch it by yourself and let it be explained by an expert.

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