Beware of base64 encoded strings


I just encountered a fun little bug that I thought is worth sharing.

TL;DR: the base64 util breaks lines after a certain number of columns. Use a flag to specify "don't break". Here's the commit that fixes the issue:

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It started when we noticed that a cronjob that used wget to regularly call an endpoint failed on one specific environment. The endpoint uses Basic Auth, which is essentially a header with a Base64 encoded representation of a username and password. Curl has this functionality built in, but to keep the attack surface as small as possible, we decided to stick to wget, which is part of busybox, to keep the container image size under 1 MB (!). After all, all we want to do is ping an endpoint.

This is the command we used up to this point:

wget --post-data="" -O - --header="Authorization: Basic $(echo -n $BASIC_AUTH_USERNAME:$BASIC_AUTH_PASSWORD | base64)" http://endpoint:8080/v1/cache

We noticed that the request worked fine on non-prod environments, but it failed on production with the following error:

The HTTP header line [b2verlk1rwjsnutbcapkjh==] does not conform to RFC 7230. The request has been rejected.

After digging around for a while and separating out the individual pieces of the commands, I noticed that the subcommand to build the header value (echo -n $BASIC_AUTH_USERNAME:$BASIC_AUTH_PASSWORD | base64) behaved differently on prod vs. non-prod. The password on prod is way longer compared to the other environments. Let's run this command with a short input:

/ $ echo -n someuser:somepassword | base64
/ $

And again with a long input:

/ $ echo -n someuser:somepasswordthatswaylongerthanthefirstonebutalsoverysecureandsafe | base64
/ $

Bingo! There's a rogue newline character in the output of base64. The fix is very straight-forward. Using the -w0 flag for base64, we can force the output to be on the same line:

/ $ echo -n someuser:somepasswordthatswaylongerthanthefirstonebutalsoverysecureandsafe | base64 -w0

This eventually fixed the issue. Not something I would've ever thought of!

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