Five Years of Blogging


My blog just turned five years old! 🎉

To celebrate this unique occasion, I want to announce something I've been secretly working on: I wrote a book!

The cover of Five Years of Blogging

Five Years of Blogging: Ideas, Opinions and Guides written 2019 to 2024 serves as a memoir for the first five years of this blog. It's a collection of not all, but my most valuable blog posts capturing my ideas, opinions and the lessons I learned. The book is quite messy, but that's by design. I want to preserve all posts in the state that they have originally been written in. Where necessary, you may find introductory paragraphs or footnotes to explain something in more detail, but the original posts have all been left untouched.

Getting a copy of this book is the best way to support my writing. You can either buy the book directly on Buy Me a Coffee, or you can become a monthly supporter, which grants you a free copy after signing up.

I'm extremely grateful for the journey this blog has taken me on, and the people I met along the way. Who knows, maybe there will be a "Ten Years of Blogging" book in the future?

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