This page lists some of my favorite content outlets. If you have any recommendations or you think your name fits on this list, feel free to drop a mail!


Ben Stokes (Tiny Projects) – Ben builds turns ideas into minimum viable projects that actually make money!

Drew DeVault – Drew admittedly has controversial opinions, but his blog is worth reading.

Kev Quirk – On blogging, simple websites and life on a farm.

Matt Rickard – Very insightful short daily posts about Cloud Infrastructure, Entrepreneurship and AI.

Randall Munroe (xkcd) – A blogroll without Randall is no blogroll.

Ru Singh – Freelance developer writing about software development, tech and life.

Simon Willison – Author of Datasette. He writes about Data, SQLite and emerging technologies.

Chris Siebenmann – The life of a sysadmin. All about monitoring, infrastructure and software in general.

Simone Silvestroni – Opinions about a better world wide web, sustainability and audio.

Joel Chrono – Joels blog is very similar to mine. He writes about anything on his mind, and he loves to tinker around with many different hobbies.


Hacker News – My favorite news outlet. Tech, programming, Entrepreneurship and other important news. Sometimes a bit toxic, so I wrote a RSS proxy that only shows entries with a positive sentiment. – Very similar to Hacker News, but strictly focused on software development.


CoRecursive – Every episode is about a piece of software being built.

Google's SRE Podcast – Google invented SRE practices. If you're an SRE, this should be on your radar.

DevOps Paradox – Interesting discussions about DevOps and tech.

Arrested DevOps – Very similar to DevOps Paradox. The two go along very nicely.