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nice42q, on 2023-03-12:

Nice GG-Book! CTF on DNS, TXT and check your HTTP response header, (X-Frame-Options, X-Content-Type-Options, Strict-Transport-Security, Referrer-Policy Permissions-Policy) Best regards


copyrip, on 2022-11-24:

This has to be the cutest guestbook i've stumbled accross in a while 🙊 ! Well, it's actually the only i've signed in years...

sørenpeter, on 2022-10-06:

Hi there, this is a cool idea, but what about for people, who does not have a github account?

-- sørenpeter

Garrit, on 2022-10-05:

Want to add your own? Copy this paragraph to a new section above!

-- Garrit

Garrit, on 2022-10-04:

Hello World!

-- Garrit