I closed my Facebook account, and you should too


I know I should have done this a while ago, but with ever-increasing scandals about data privacy surrounding Facebook, I finally decided to get rid of it.

I haven't used the service in a long time anyway, but I always told myself "what if I needed the data later?", or "what if a friend contacted me, and I didn't respond?", "what if I missed the birthday of someone I'm close with?!". Well, according to my facebook inbox, the only messages I received lately were some random links from people I'm not really in touch with anymore. Birthdays? Do you think someone you haven't talked to in over three years will get mad at you, for forgetting their birthday? And regarding your data: you won't loose it! This guide describes how you can download a copy of your data as html and/or json.

Go ahead and ask yourself: Is there anything holding you back from deleting your Facebook account? What would you loose? How often do you even use the service? Do the social benefits of Facebook really outweigh the negative aspects (privacy concerns, data collection, etc.)?

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