The Mind Rope Experiment


Close your eyes. Picture yourself standing at a ledge with a rope tied to another ledge that's 10 steps away. Now, step by step, slowly walk across this rope until you're at the other side.

I often use this experiment as an indication for how focused I am at a given moment. As easy as this sounds, I rarely make it to the other side. On some days, I can't even step on the rope before my mind gets distracted and I have to start over. On some other days, I may get a few steps before falling off. With enough practice however, I may get to the other side.

This technique also works very well for short meditation sessions. I close my eyes and try to get to the other side. Whenever I fall off, I try again until my mind is focused enough to walk the entire rope.

I'm curious: are you able to walk the entire rope, or are you also struggling to take control over this mindscape?

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