Dive Log: Phuket


I just became a certified diver! 🥳

I got my license through the Rumblefish Adventure divecenter in Kata Beach, as per a recommendation from a friend who happened to be around in the area when we were there.

Kata Beach is a great dive spot. It has crazy wildlife, it's just a short swim away from the beach and the visibility is quite good if you haven't seen many reefs yet (like myself).

After doing our PADI Open Water license, we went to Phi Phi Islands to do a fun dive. The experience swimming through the reefs there can simply not be put into words.

In total, we did 7 dives in Thailand. Here's a full list, taken from my logbook:

TitleDateSiteDepth (m)Time (min)Highlights
Open Water Training 12024-02-16Kata Beach6.439First time seeing the reef!
Open Water Training 22024-02-18Kata Beach10.962Almost finished all mandatory training
Open Water Training 32024-02-18Ko Pu, Kata Beach16.344Artificial reefs with lots of interesting wildlife
Open Water Training 42024-02-18Ko Pu, Kata Beach12.948Even more crazy wildlife
Phi Phi Islands 12024-02-20Koh Bida Nok20.551Sharks!
Phi Phi Islands 22024-02-20Turtle Rock17.655Turtles, Sharks, Cave
Phi Phi Islands 32024-02-20Shark Point20.446Lots of verticality


P2170670 - Kopie.JPG

P2170752 - Kopie.JPG

P2170727 - Kopie.JPG

P2170759 - Kopie.JPG




P2170749 - Kopie.JPG

P2180837 - Kopie.JPG

P2170733 - Kopie.JPG

After Phuket, we went to Vietnam where we're currently also on a lot of fun diving trips. But I'll save that for another dive log post.

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