I sold my car


I grew up in the countryside, where busses only came once an hour, but only until 7 PM. And on the weekend, you really had to plan ahead. Living without a car was almost unthinkable.

My car

After moving to the city in 2020, I found that I used my car less and less. My commute to work was easier with the bike (if I wasn't working from home), and for anything else, busses and trams were the way to go. The occasional family visit was the only excuse to use my car.

Owning a car doesn't "feel" expensive. Sure, gas is expensive, but simply owning one doesn't feel like a huge burden on your wallet. Just to get a rough estimate, I jotted down all running costs.

Running costs

My car costs over 1000€ per year, or about 85€ per month, just to be moved about twice a month! So, a few weeks ago, I decided to sell it.

I created a posting on Kleinanzeigen (a german descendant of - and previously owned by - eBay), and after about two weeks, the car had a new owner. I hope that it's in better hands now and lives on to be a happy and frequently used car.

Going forward, I'm not worried about my mobility at all. My partner still owns her car and has the option to take the bus to work. So, if we're not on the road together, I can always fall back to using her car. And if she needs her car and I'm desperate to go somewhere afar, there's also multiple ride-sharing options available in my town. They are a bit expensive to use, but spending 40€ for a day trip to my family every two months is still way less than paying 85€ a month for a car that's sitting there idle.

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