Welcome, 2023


2022 has been an eventful year for me. We moved to a new apartment, went to a couple of weddings (a good indication that we're getting older!) and finally started traveling more often.

This year, I launched two projects: darktheme.club and seeking-maintainers.net. My goal for 2023 is to make two other projects ready for production:

Fling is a household management app that I've been dogfooding with my girlfriend for over a year. I just recently implemented an account system. You can in fact already download the app on the play store and test it out, though in it's current state it's just a boring app for to-do and shopping lists.

Another project I'm planning to launch is Kubinity. The idea behind this project is to give users access to Kubernetes by allocating a namespace in a shared cluster. This allows for ultra cheap kubernetes hosting without the burden of maintaining and scaling a cluster. It also comes with free HA!

Predictions for 2023

  • Meta will change course (again), and kill the "Metaverse"
  • Cheap matter devices will enter the market. As a reference point: I predict that there will be a matter-ready smart plug for under 20€ on Amazon.
  • AI generated content will be regulated in some way
  • Twitter is still around, but it's still not profitable
  • I still won't have finished my #100DaysToOffload challenge from 2021

Overall, I'm feeling very optimistic about the upcoming year. Let's see if this is still true at the end of this year, but let's not loose hope too early.

Happy new year!

This is post 045 of #100DaysToOffload.

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