Field Notes #3


Hooray! I just finished my third pocket notebook. If you have no idea what I mean, check out my About My Pocket Notebook post.

This notebook lasted from 2023-10-09 to 2023-12-01, which is a bit longer than my last two notebooks. I believe my inner hype around this topic slowly but surely fades into the background, which is a good thing. Instead of writing almost every single day, I only write in it when I feel that something is important.

Field Notes #3

It aged quite well for a white notebook. You can clearly tell that I got some brand new pairs of jeans, looking at the color before I used it vs. now. Just like last time, I used this notebook for all sorts of things. Todo lists, bill calculations, random thoughts and sketches for blog posts.

What's different this time is that I started the book off with some "meta pages". The first two pages serve as an index for the book. I ripped this idea stright from the Bullet Journal movement, but that's about the only thing I stole from BuJos.

Field Notes #3 Index

I also dedicated one page to a general purpose packing list, which I used multiple times to check if I forgot anything for an overnight stay. This page served me very well, so I'm transfering it into my new notebook.

What's next?

My next notebook will once again be a FIELD NOTES. I just love the size, the feel and the quality of them. This time, I'm using the "National Parks" edition, or more specifically the "Glacier National Park" notebook from a set. It started to snow, so this is an obvious choice.

Field Notes #4

Thanks for sticking with me through this weird and awesome hobby!

This is post 091 of #100DaysToOffload.

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