Dive Log: Vietnam


So, after our adventures in Phuket, we journeyed on to Nha Trang in Vietnam, where we also went diving.

Unfortunately the visibility was average, and the wildlife in Nha Trang wasn't as diverse as in Phuket, but that only made the hermit crabs or the occasional lionfish feel just that much more special.

In total, we did 4 dives in Nha Trang. Here's a full list, taken from my logbook:

TitleDateSiteDepth (m)Time (min)Highlights
Nha Trang 12024-02-25Dam Bay1245Cold water and sandy bottom
Nha Trang 22024-02-25Mot Island13.545Squids and lots of anemones
Nha Trang 32024-02-26Tam Island11.237Playing around with bouyancy
Nha Trang 42024-02-26Tam Island1046Hermit crabs

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