Here's the tar command you keep looking for


Update: replied to this post with a way more complete cheat sheet. If you don't want to hear me rant about tar and actually want to get good at it, go read their post instead:

God dammit. I can't tell you how often I had to look up how to create or extract a tar archive on linux. There are SOO many options!!

xkcd 1168

Let's settle this once and for all

Here's how you create an archive:

tar cf archive.tar directory

Try to remember "Create File".

And here's how you extract an archive:

tar xf archive.tar

For this one, try to remember "(e)Xtract File".

And if there's some other compressions in the mix: keep looking it up! A more comprehensive cheat sheet can be found here:

Sorry for this dumb post. I'm sure you can relate to my feelings. ;)

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