A Positive Hacker News RSS Feed


Tech news can often be overwhelmingly negative. Scrolling through HackerNews, I often feel myself getting angrier at the state of the industry with each headline I read.

I don't want to give up on the amazing content I'm discovering every day on this platform, so I built an alternative RSS feed for HackerNews. It selectively presents stories that have a positive sentiment, making my news-reading experience more enjoyable and less stressful. Here's a link to the feed:


It's not a pretty link, but who looks at the link of an RSS feed anyway? ;)


Here's an example of the HackerNews feed provided by hnrss.github.io:


And here's the filtered, positive-only feed:


I don't want to urge anyone to stop reading HackerNews, but if you also struggle with seeing the bright side of tech, this could be a nice alternative.


The source code behind this project can be found on GitHub. It's licensed as MIT, so feel free to fork and build your own feed. Happy hacking!


This is post 087 of #100DaysToOffload.

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