This is Greg. Greg loves to play with his computer and create amazing things.


Greg has many friends. He listens to his friends and helps them. Greg knows that teamwork is very important.

Greg and his friends

Greg is curious about what his friends do. Greg learned how they help everyone create amazing things. Greg was happy that he learned something new.

Greg learns from his friends

One day, Greg has an idea. Greg shares his idea with his friends. They try it, and it works! Everyone is happy that Greg shared his idea.

Greg has an idea

When Greg learns something new about computers, he writes it down and shows it to his friends. This helps everyone learn how computers work.

Greg writes down what he learned

Sometimes Greg and his friends make a mistake, but Greg knows that's okay. Everyone makes mistakes, even Greg. He says that everyone can learn from mistakes. This makes them better and happier.

It's okay to make mistakes

Greg is a good software developer. Be like Greg.

Greg is a good software developer

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