I just cleaned up 40 GB of Brew caches


EDIT: This trick will probably not be as effective on your system as it was on my system. After writing this post I realized that I had the HOMEBREW_NO_INSTALL_CLEANUP=1 flag enabled on my system.

My system (MacOS) is getting more cluttered the more I use it. I'm sure you can relate. If you're using Brew as your package manager (which you should 😉), you might want to consider running the following command:

brew cleanup -s

For some reason this failed after some time with a "directory not found" error, but you can just run it again and it will continue cleaning up old caches. Once it was done, this freed up 40 GB of disk space on my system. It might make sense to run this as a cronjob? Either way, I just wanted to jot this down before I enevitably forget this, as usual.

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