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Host your own LLM

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Fuck trees, use tags


Dive Log: Vietnam

Dive Log: Phuket

Cosmic Horror: The Festival

To prove something is true, try disproving it first

Cost per Request

A better publishing workflow for static blogs

Greg, the Developer

Temporal vs. fundamental content

2023 in Review

Linkdump #2

#100DaysToOffload: I made it!

10.000 Hours

Notes on "Immutability Changes Everything"

re: Giving context to a blogroll

Another reason why you can't divide by zero

Overcoming "air hunger"

I'm finally off coffee

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Formula E is essentially Mario Kart

Field Notes #3

Why you can't divide by zero

Real vs. Fake Trends

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A Positive Hacker News RSS Feed

re: Writing code for both computers and humans

My App Defaults (Late 2023)

Tracking SQLite Database Changes in Git

Organizing multiple Git identities

Did you try turning it off?

Field Notes #2

Project Hail Mary

The Mind Rope Experiment

Undo on mobile phones

🔗 Linkdump: Software Development

Short Story: Haunted Memories

About My Pocket Notebook

So, you want to win the lottery

Principles of DevOps: Flow

Principles of DevOps: Introduction

PSA: RSS feed changes

Make a List

Single Page Applications on GitHub Pages

Optimizing work batch size

Serverless Framework Retrospective

Migrating Homeassistant from SD to SSD

The role of a DevOps Engineer

Instant dark theme

Older is often better

Quality vs. Quantity

Designing resilient cloud infrastructure

Software is not defined by the language it's written in

Fullscreen Terminals in VSCode

I won't buy a YubiKey

Terraform project learnings

A software requirements checklist

Debugging ECS Tasks

The fundamental difference between Terraform and Kubernetes

Pods vs. Containers

Notes on containerizing PHP applications

Visual Distractions

Dockerignore troubles

What's next for modern infrastructure?

What problem does Kubernetes solve?

TIL about CSS Insets

OpenSSF Best Practices

Welcome, 2023

6 ways you can contribute to open knowledge right now

Smart Move, Google

Cursed User-Agents

Reselling Kubernetes

A simple guestbook

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Self-hosted software I'm thankful for

Kubernetes is a domain specific database

What's on my feed? (2022)

The only true answer to 'tabs vs spaces'

A list of bugs in MacOS

Here's the tar command you keep looking for

Postgres Docker Container Migration Cheat Sheet

Cloning Windows to a new drive

Weeknote 18/2022

Weeknote 17/2022

Hello to all the new Mastodon users

Weeknote 16/2022

Swapping two Numbers without Temporary Variables

Fixing Traefik Proxy Issues

TIL how to get the active language of a browser

BTRFS on Alpine Linux

Notes on pruning chinese elms

Quick tip! React useToggle Hook

Server-Side Caching with Apollo GraphQL

Finally fixing that annoying Cron gotcha

Fun with Pen and Paper: Race Cars

Docker healthchecks using healthchecks.io

A pretty good guide to pretty good privacy

Git's built-in lifesaver

Strategies to use a terminal alongside (Neo)Vim

Writing good changelogs

Flutter Web - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Thoughts after 10 Days of 100DaysToOffload

My storage setup (Feburary 2021)

Notes about BEM (Block Element Modifier)

From sudo to doas

Using Macros in Vim

Signal-to-Noise, or why nobody cares about your GitHub project

6 reasons the Fediverse is better than regular social media

Compiling your own kernel

I joined the 512KB club


Are humans still evolving?

I closed my Facebook account, and you should too

Updates, December 2020

Booleans are wasted memory

Updates, November 2020

Introducing my new blog - slashdev.space

The Patch-Based Git Workflow

Quick Tip! Setting up a lightweight Server-Client VPN with wireguard

Whom do you trust?

Quick Tip! Sharing terminal output with Termbin

Testing isn't hard

Fighting Array Functions with ES6